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Custom Brass

In 1975 I began doing custom modifications to Trombones. This began from experimenting with my own Bass Trombone, converting it to an inline configured instrument – this valve configuration had not gained the popularity it has now, and manufacturers were just beginning to develop these instruments. Since then just about all large manufacturers have these instruments in their catalog. Along the way I did some other conversions, the most interesting (and entertaining) was a piccolo trumpet conversion I did on a Selmer piccolo trumpet, from 4 valves to 3.  I closed up shop in 1980 while I was on an extended road trip. Circumstances changed when I had returned, and I was unable to re-open it. Now, 30 years later, I have had the good fortune to be able to set it up again.

Here are some images of my little shop, as I find images of my older instruments I will add them too.