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Schnikes! It’s humid today, gig tonight at the Kensico dam, the Benson-Scott band is always good, the parking and traffic will suck, and the fireworks afterwards will be fun. Looking forward to seeing some old friends there too:-)

So here it is 2013, and I haven’t said a peep, it’s been a busy spring. I sold my Jeep, which then was wrecked by the new owner…..It needed a ton of body work to make it safe, the guy had a small collision, and it totaled the vehicle….sigh…..  On the good side of things, there’s been lots of music, and a redo of my friend Jens Wendelboe’s website, crazyenergy.com.  (A couple of years ago I rebuilt a 1960 vintage Conn Constellation trombone I bought, it wasn’t a bargain at the time, but it has turned out to be a nice little horn, and people keep asking me to go play it, go figger….. ;-) )

Bobby Kyle Band


Migrating Notes Mail to Google – works well for the most part
I wish the logging was a little better but I’ll live.
There have only been few small questions
To resolve. ( I probably just jinxed myself)

So now I can post from my I phone ….. This might be interesting, or not ;-)

wow, time flies when you are having fun…. sort of….The time came to sell off my Jeep, which has been a source of enjoyment, and aggravation over the last ten years, I learned a lot about automotive repair work keeping the thing running, hopefully someone else will enjoy it too, if not it will get hauled away as scrap metal, very rusty scrap metal at that.  Lots of repairs to the homestead this summer and spring, pretty much all were needed. A little more work playing too , so far a decent summer….