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Here’s some stuff that may be either useful, entertaining, interesting, or all of that….

Web Tools

DNSstuff: DNS tools, DNS hosting tests, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, and other network and domain name tools.
Ip Tools, DNS tools, internet tools, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, domain name tools.
Ted’s Homemade Web Tools
UBB.threads Community – Powered by UBB.threads™
Web Primer
Stop Forum Spam – Forum Banlist
Top 100 Network Security Tools
Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC
Admin Zone Forums
Documentation: Apache HTTP Server – The Apache HTTP Server Project


C. G. Conn factory images
Basstrombone.nl == Your portal to the world of trombone playing
Alan Raph
Online Trombone Journal
The Open Horn Index
The Trombone Forum – Index
Welcome to CrazyEnergy.com
Welcome to the American Federation of Musicians
Examples index
Local 802 – American Federation of Musicians
Lars Kirmser’s Music Trader – Suppliers
Brass Resources
Walter Barrett

Interesting Sites

A Touch of Wellness Massage
About.com http–www.darwinawards.com
Adcott’s Binary Translator
Index of -smilies-cwm-cwm-
RegEdit Windows Registry Guide
Double-Tongued Word Wrester Dictionary
Internet Anagram Server – I, Rearrangement Servant anagrams, wordplay, solve, crossword, transmogrify, pangram, shuffle, fun
The BOFH-style Excuse Server
The New York Times on the Web
TheSpark.com’s Bastard Test!
Urban Legends and Folklore – Home Page
weebls stuff
Jefferson Digital Archive
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Sole Loyalty)
Dave The Donut guy
Caught at Work Productions – Demotivational Images
SpeedTrap Exchange
American Memory from the Library of Congress – Home Page