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Monthly Archives: November 2010

So here it is November already….. time flies when you’re having a good time…….. Finished Doug’s jeep finally,
pics here, Doug’s Engine replacement , there were some surprises and problems along the way, and it did make me crazy , but Doug has a jeep that runs well, and is safe to drive, has a floor, and is not in danger of disintegrating while it drives down the road…… I also and added some projects to my Brass shop page, Custom Brass, A small tenor I like a lot, an experimental Alto that sucks so far… I also rebuilt my bass trombone, after getting tired of dealing with how difficult it was to make it play sharp enough to work in some groups around here……. ultimately it plays only a little sharper, but it makes a difference…The nice thing about that is that I FINALLY re-built my “good” slide, a yellow brass early 70’s vintage Conn 73h slide and my spare slide, a 1967 gold brass 72h slide, it’s much better, but both will need new inside tubes to be a “8 or9” .. I started working on a single valve bell section with some of the extra stuff I have around too. That’s about it, still looking for work and available for anything that comes up