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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Well, the rust rocket lives…. I guess that’s a good thing, there’s still some things to sort out, but it starts and runs at least……

More work on the freakin’ stuck bolt yesterday, so far no good. have a concert today with Swamp Gumbo, should be fun! even in the 100degree+ heat and humidity….

Wrench day today…….the exhaust on my jeep was acting up, and my mileage was in the single digits….
I finally had some time to gather up some parts, tools and a big tarp to shade me and the heep from the sun, and it WAS a relatively nice day over here (no tornado warnings)so I dug into this mess…. and what a mess it is….
disconnected all the wires and the fuel line (I HOPE I didnt bugger that up – the parts yoyo’s around here get this funny blank look on their face when you ask for stuff like that….) removed the airbox, throttle body, unbolted the ps pump (I learned it’s easier if you loosen the mounting bracket for the idler assembly and pump too it gives you some wiggle room later on….

Now, I’m not exactly a little person, so getting at these bolts is a study in contortionism, flex joints, and bad language… (language didnt help much this time…)

ALL the manifold bolts were less than hand tight except the #1 cylinder upper and the #1 front stud….the threads were buggered on the front stud, and lo and behold the #6 stud was sheared off…. banghead damn… (these have been trouble free and ok for 2 years…. )anyway what I see on the gasket is damage, from exhaust gasses blowing by, and burned spots, I suspect, the rear bolt sheared, warping the manifold enough to allow the bolts to loosen, to the point that they were today…..

Pictures for anyone that’s interested….

Hopefully I will figure out a way to get that broken stud out, and put this pile back together so I can drive it…. mad

ps… there’s a moral to this story somewhere…… I’ll let you know when I find it

Nice…. The google calendar widget still doesnt work as I expect it to – and the embedded one has a couple issues…. I did find a music player plugin that works very nicely, and prevents downloads…. (even better) and an event calendar plugin, that has some potential – I’m still tweaking that ;-\

aside from it being real hot and humid out, I’m getting real damned tired of replacing sediment filters in my water system… I hope there’s a substantial amount of rain soon, things are slightly dry here….
I guess I will go back to reading about the latest bugs in the newest version of Lotus Domino Server….